Tuesday, 14 January 2014

American Beauty Haul!

So the first blogpost of the year, i'm excited! I thought i'd start 2014 off with a good old beauty haul and since I bought all of this in America at Christmas it is a American Beauty Haul yay! Here we go:

First off I'm going to start with all the lip products...

EOS Lip Balm Summer Fruit- Target $3:

 If you have read my previous posts you would know i'm a huge fan of EOS lip balms and I now practically own all the flavours but I though i'd stick with a favourite the summer fruit (I also purchased pomegranate raspberry flavour which I am yet to try), it just smells delicious and tastes it too but remember it's a lip balm not a snack. EOS lip balms are 100% natural and make your lips feel fab! I recommend them so much!

Maybelline Baby Lips Berry Bomb- Target $3.49:

Okay so I gave in to the Baby Lips hype, everyone seems to love them! I actually haven't tried it yet but I am sure to tell you when I do and what I think! I purchased the deep purple colour as I wear a lot of dark lipsticks so hopefully that will work out. 

Stilla Liquid Lipstick Bellissima- Sephora $22:

I am a huge fan of Stilla and I desperately need more of their product but I am stuck with two lipsticks and a eyeliner which are all brilliant! I already own a Stilla Liquid Lipstick in a dark plum colour so I decided to get another one in a lighter colour, I went for a natural pink however my lips are extremely pigmented so nudes don't look to great but this natural pink looks quite good actually I am still having to apply quite a light layer but it suits and compliments a pale skin tone well! I love this product not as much as my other colour though but I would still recommend it.

Benefit Hydra-Smooth Lip Colour Tutti-Cutie-Benefit Cosmetics $19:

As you lovelies may know I am also a huge fan of Benefit and when I saw their new lipstick range I had to grab at least one of them. I chose Tutti-Cutie it's a soft coral, orange, pink mix of colour it is gorgeous, the packing is so cute also the lipstick is so easy to apply however it doesn't last I would reapply at least every couple of hours. Still this is an amazing product, I recommend it!

Benefit Lollitint Cheek and Lip Stain- Benefit Cosmetics $30:

I have never tried a cheek and lip stain even though i'm still not sure on the cheek bit I love the lip bit, it's basically a lip gloss and as you apply this to your lips it turns into a lovely magenta it's such a beautiful colour. Also the application brush tickles your lips which can be fun but then really annoying. I love this product loads this is my number 1 recommended product!

Next the Eyeliners...

Revlon Colour Stay Liquid Eye Pen 01- Walgreens $9.49:

Unfortunately I regret buying this product a lot, It's hard to apply due to a thick tip which doesn't work for fine liner also the colour is extremely faint which cause you to apply many coats before achieving the colour the liner is described to be which is blackest black. Even though I love Revlon's lipsticks, this eyeliner is terrible and not worth the money at all I do NOT recommend!

Stilla Stay All Day Waterproof Eye Liner Intense Black- Sephora $20

I love this eye liner, it's actually perfect. It's so easy to apply and the colour is exactly what it says on the packing it's defiantly to intense black no need for re applys! Also it really does stay all day which is brillant! I can't say anymore on this product other than it's perfect and I recommend it to each and ever one of you! 

NYX The Curve Liner Jet Black- Target $14.99

Okay so this was the product that I knew I had to get when I arrived in America. So that was completed and overall I think it's really overrated and overpriced, yes it's a good eyeliner does the job and keeps it's colour but I actually found it harder to use and just not worth it at all. I really prefer the Stilla Eye Liner. So I would not recommend this product, but it does look cool!

Finally the other bits and bobs...

Elf Brush Shampoo and Daily Brush Cleaner- Target $4 approx each:

Unfortunately I haven't tried these products yet, but I will be sure to tell you what I think when I do. However my brushes are desperate for a good clean soon. I though these products were quite cheap and also the daily brush cleaner seems extremely handy and both the products come with directions on the packing which can also be
very helpful. I am excited to use them.

Benefit The Porefessional- Benefit Cosmetics $30:

The Porefessional really works it covers up your pores so well it's amazing. It's light silky cream, that you chose where to apply, it feels really soft on your skin and is a great base for foundation. It's oil free, lightweight, translucent and silky. I recommend this product! 

Benefit Gimme Brown- Benefit Cosmetics $22:

This is a tiny brow brush that is covered in a fiber gel which gives volume to your brows. It is water resistant, long wearing and very natural, it makes your brows look full and it can be built for thick arches. I use it to set my brows once I have filled them in and I use the light to medium colour. I love and recommend this product! 

And that is it for this blogpost! Tweet me at @LivAverageTeen or comment below if you own any of these product and what you think of them? or if you plan to purchase any of the products?
Sorry it's been awhile but I hope this long one makes up for it. My next post will be a american clothing haul and then back to normal no more american hauls! Hope you lovelies are all good :)

(which is goodbye in Latin, fancy)