Tuesday, 26 November 2013


This week I have been struggling what to write for my next blog post so I kept thinking and that Friday I was lucky enough to fly to Lazorte for a short holiday...
 I soon started to realise that I couldn't live without the internet
when I arrived at the hotel and straight away checked if they had wifi... THEY DIDNT! I then went into dispair I was an absolute mess! The thought of missing Phil is not on fire 5, Doctor Who and I'm a celebrity get me out of here was killing me and no piña colada could fix that. Soon after practically galloping to reception to ask if they had any wifi they directed me to a specialised wifi zone it had chairs and everything. Unfortunately if you wanted to use the wifi you could only stay in this zone which meant that I spent more time connected to the wifi than enjoying the sunshine but to me this wasn't really a problem as I am not a fan of beach holidays I'm more of a city girl. 

When I finally had the reassurance that I could get wifi if I wanted it, I started to think that how different my life would be without the internet... I wouldn't have any of the online friends I have now, I wouldn't be apart of any fandoms and I defiantly wouldn't have the idols I have now that make me smile without fail every single day. So I guess to some people my reliance on the internet could be a bad thing and I guess sometimes it is when I spend 18 hours a day in the browsing position but the internet has brought me so many things that make me happy on a daily basis, danisnotonfire, amazingphil, tumblr and all of the amazing Sherlock edits that make me cry with laughter and all those people who have made me smile simply by replying to a tweet, re-blogging a post or following me. This may sound stupid but in real life I'm mostly invisible to everyone but on the internet I feel more accepted and less invisible and with out it I wouldn't be writing this! 
Thanks inter-web you saved my life while destroying it at the same time!

Sorry this is up so late loveys as I mentioned I had a bit of writers block. Let me know  if you liked this more personal post! Should I do more? I already have an idea for my next post that will be up on Friday, but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, seriously it would really help! 

Auf Wiedersehen
(This means "Until we meet again" in German I thought it was quite sweet and suited this personal blog post quite well)