Saturday, 2 November 2013

My 1st November Purchases

Happy November!
So yesterday since it was the 1st of November I thought i'd treat myself, so off I went to westfields....

Firstly I made my way into Lush. I didn't start a Lush Haul which I think my wallet is quite thankful for but I did purchase two products that I have not tried before and they are:

Jumping Juniper Shampoo Bar £5.50:

This is a cute, sweet smelling shampoo bar which is specially is made for oily hair and lasts a lot longer that regular shampoo. I have never used one of Lush's shampoo bars before but the lovely Lush employee who was giving me lots of helpful advice said that she swore by this shampoo bar and now only uses that to shampoo her hair. I tried it out and at first it's very strange to get use to using, and I thought that I didn't clean my hair as well as when you use actual shampoo but I can tell that it is a little less oily but it will defiantly still need a wash two days later like usual, so it didn't make much of a difference but it did do the job and clean my hair and it does give a great shine to your hair.

Soot Ball Bath Bomb £2.50:

I was very doubtful about purchasing this bath bomb as it's not one of the prettiest bath bombs around, however the spicy and sweet smell trapped me and I knew that I had to purchase this. Also this bath bomb doesn't turn your bath water a murky black but a sparkling gold which is a very appreciated surprise. I really like Soot Ball as it's gorgeous sent does relax you while in the bath, so this is a definite re-purchase, however with this bath bomb you have to do a bit of scrubbing afterwards as it does leave a grey sparkly residue in your bath.   

Next I popped into the new Bobbi Brown store that has opened up and I only managed to buy one product, however I have been in need of it for a while:

Brow Kit £35:

I've been wanting to buy a new brow kit for ages now and I was sure it was going to be the Benefit Brow Zings. However when I walked into Bobbi Brown and spotted this little beauty I knew it was the one (a tad over dramatic there). I was matched up to the colour light blonde and was shown a quick tutorial on how to shape your eye brows. This little kit includes a compact mirror, Bobbi Brown tweezers, a mini brow brush and the two colours cement and birch you can also use these colours as eye shadow too. This is my new favourite brow kit and will defiantly be another re-purchase, I recommend this product to anyone. I know it's pricey but it's defiantly worth it!

My final purchases where from Top Shop, I bought some cute trousers and two tops to match with the trousers:

Casual Outfit £36:
I love these trousers, they are high waist, a super soft material and they also kind of resemble the wallpaper in 221b Baker Street in Sherlock (as I love Sherlock this was one of the main reasons for purchasing them). These trousers match my wardrobe very well as they are very dark in colour like the rest of my wardrobe. I decided to match them with a pop of pink for the casual look, I also thought a bit of pattern would create a good clash and make the outfit more casual but noticeable  This t-shirt is baggy and also really soft and comfortable, I would also add some statement jewelry such as a chunky necklace to give it a bit of a kick (as in eye catching). I feel like this look would be great for a concert where you'll be dancing all night and letting your hair down also for hanging out with the girls for some good old gossip. 


Night Out Outfit £60:
My night out outfit basically means less casual, so more formal. Again I matched the trousers with clashing patterns and colours to make it more vibrant and eye catching, I chose this blouse as it has both a formal and casual look so its nothing over the top also I would match this look with subtle jewelry such as a plain silver bracelet and a statement ring (just to give another pop to the outfit). I feel like this outfit would be great for a meal out or a drink at the bar. 

And those were my 1st of November Purchases, I hope you enjoyed this blog post as it is my first fashion related post. Comment what you think of my purchases, Have you purchased them? What do you think of them? Do you like the two outfits? What would you add or change to them? You can also message me your opinions on any of my social networking sites which are linked with the site logos on the the left side of my page. My usual blog post will be up on Friday I don't know what it will be about yet but I have a feeling it will be a rant or opinion post. What would you next like me to write about?

(Which is goodbye in Swedish, I did not know that till now!)