Friday, 25 October 2013

October Favourites

Its November! 
*well nearly. It's less than a week away from it actually being November okay, so just imagine it is ...Pinch, Punch, First of the Month*
So were are 10 months in to 2013, that's kind of scary since I don't think I've accomplished anything in the last 10 months! So I thought as it's now November *nearly* and we've said goodbye to October *nearly* it would be time for my first of many to come Monthly Favourites, so here we go... 

Firstly my new favourite liquid eye liner is Benefits Magic Ink, it lasts all day long and applies really easily and is overall very easy to use, I've always loved Benefit products as I religiously use their Hello Flawless liquid foundation and They're Real mascara, and I am happy to say their liquid eyeliner will be joining that list as it is a fabulous product! Also my new favourite liquid lipstick is Stila's Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in shade Aria 04, this lipstick really does stay on all day and the range have great colour's and the colour doesn't fade on your lips at all. Overall this is a great product however the application is difficult and I recommend definitely using a lip brush with this product!

I've been loving Next's Vanilla Creme Diffuser Oil, this will definitely be re-purchased. It smells delicious, the vanilla is sweet yet floral, it's like the smell of freshly baked vanilla cupcakes placed next to a flower bouquet that has a subtle yet noticeable summer sent. Also if 'cosy' was a sent this would be it! I'm already planning to purchase a few more of these for a cute Christmas gift set which I will match with another few vanilla smelling items.

My next favourite has got to be Urban Outfitters Blossom Scented Lip Gloss, I bought this during the summer, but never got round to using it however I discovered it only a week ago and started to use it and I love it! I purchased the passion fruit flavour, personally I don't think it smells or even tastes like passion fruit but I don't mind as it hydrates the lips really well and it will leave them lovely and soft! The applicator is very smooth and gets full coverage of the lip area without making a mess, and leaves you with a clear gloss to your lips which is great for carrying around in your bag for emergency lip gloss needs however it has a very high gloss to make you lips look extra kissable. 

I've also been loving Lush's Tea Tree Water, Toner Water. I love this product a lot, I usually apply it after I have taken my make up off, simply by spraying straight on to your face or spraying it on to some cotton wool and gently wiping your face with it. It gives your a very refreshed, clean feel, also I think it quite relaxing. This is an absolutely brilliant product, well done Lush, I can only fault it on it's smell as its smells a bit antiseptic, but it is made with Tea Tree so you can't avoid this smell! My next Lush product I'm on a mission to purchase is their Twilight shower gel!

So there you go my first monthly favourite's is complete, I hope it was at least a bit interesting, and if you own any products that I've mentioned comment or tweet me your opinions of them! My next post should be either My Christmas Gift Ideas or My Halloween Antics so look out for them!

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