Monday, 14 October 2013

Bonjour, je suis Liv

As you can see from the title which shows that I studied French for 4 years of my life, however I am not going to deny that I originally wrote "Bonjour, j'habite Liv" which translated is "Hello, I live Liv."(4 years of french lessons wasted on me) I am also not denying that I then had to Google Translate how to say "Hello, I'm Liv" in french. Okay lets get back to point or I'll start moaning about my useless french teacher. As you can see from the title *Deja vu*(I knew that french phrase!) that in this blog I am going to introduce myself so I'd thought I'd do 33 facts about me :) here we go *Mario Bros voice*:

1. My name is Olivia, But Liv is my favourite nickname out of many, I shall list them:
(Yes Oliver, teachers can be cruel)

2. I was born on the 11th of February at 7:36 
3. I am a only child which is horrible! Appreciate your siblings!
4. My middle name is Jane, as I was named after my uncles wife, Jane, who was there at my birth and thought of the name Olivia. Unfortunately my uncle and auntie Jane got a divorce soon after and I don't see her at all now.
5. All my cousins are boys.
6. My mum is the most important person in my life.
7. I don't talk to my father.
8. My granddad was my only father figure, he meant and still does mean the world to me. Unfortunately he died when I was 7 from terminal cancer.
9. I believe that everything happens for a reason.
10. I am extremely nonjudgmental, but I never think you can be fully nonjudgmental.
11. I am quite a happy person when I want to be, but when I'm in a bad mood seriously don't come near me because I will bite your head off if you annoy me. 
12. I've never had a true best friend, I've just had lots of close friends.
13. My heritage is Irish 
14. I live in London
15. I would like to live in San Francisco, USA in the future.
16. I want to become a history teacher in university's, so a history lecturer, which sounds terribly boring but I promise I'm not boring!
17. I don't have a favorite food, I kinda just like french fries smothered in BBQ sauce.
18. I love everything BBQ flavoured
19. My favourite colours are Black, white, grey and red. (That's quite a weird mix of colours)
20. My favourite perfume is Black XS.
21. I have many favourite TV shows, however Sherlock will always be my all time favourite TV show! I even plan to have a Sherlock related tattoo done!
22. My all time favourite song is You're Beautiful by James Blunt. I remember the first time I heard it, I was waking up on a sunny morning for school and it was playing on the radio. I also want it to be the music to my first dance (with the unlucky groom) at my wedding.
23. I prefer tea to coffee.
24. I love Marks and Spencer's plain scones they are amazing  warmed up in the microwave for 10 seconds and plain with no jam or that clotted cream jazz on it! mmmmmmm... delicious!
25. My favourite youtubers are Danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil and Tyler Oakley.
26.I plan to name my first child if its a boy Anthony as it's a family name.
27. I don't have a favourite movie, I have lots of movies that I love but whenever someone asks what my favourite movie is my mind completely goes blank.
28. Christmas is my favourite time off year!
29. I love winter as most of my wardrobe consists of knitwear, however I hate the snow *bows head in shame* this is a majorly unpopular decision but I just find snow so unnecessary after the one day its just slushy, boring and cold so whats the point!
30. Custards creams are my favourite biscuits.
31. I believe that age doesn't matter in love as long as all parties involved are not classed as a minor and are or over the legal age (if you know what I mean!)
32. I will always stand up for what I believe is right, but I do have the curtsy to bow down if I know I am wrong, I do the same for the people I love!

and finally number 33....
I HATE ORANGE JUICE! I absolutely despise it! Cranberry Juice is my favourite as i feel sophisticated when I drink it :)

The introduction blog is complete. Leave a comment for any suggestions about what should I post next? Fashion? Beauty? Problems with the world?

Au Revoir
(I thought I'd stick with the french theme, and I promise I did not need to translate this, however I did need to Google how to spell it but that is not the same as translating!

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