Thursday, 17 October 2013

Winter is looming...

So if you live in the UK, this week you would of had the sudden realisation that winter is already upon on us, as you walked out of you homes Monday morning to the smack in the face of cold air! (even though technically it's still autumn)
Britain is predicted one of the worst winters in decades which will last from November through to February, this of course includes a lot of predicted snow! Now, snow is fun under these conditions:

You get a day off school/work.
You have lots of warm clothes.
Your are not immature and don't plan to throw snowballs at cars (if you do, do that you can let yourself out) *points to door that enters the room of shame*You are at an age where it is socially acceptable to be outside making a snowman. (this does not apply to people who have younger children in their household)
You have hot water, heating and electricity in your home.
You have at least enough food to get you through the week.
You don't have to travel anywhere.

It sounds great doesn't it! Well by at least the 3rd day this snow will become a nightmare like it has done the past years in the UK. It just becomes sludgy, dirty and just not appealing at all. I personally love winter as any excuse to have a hot chocolate and wear a knit jumper I'll take it! But snow can you not. Okay I understand the appeal of a white Christmas but is really worth all that hassle? What are your opinions on snow?

Okay so I mentioned Christmas, I know it's way too soon! I think it's only acceptable to start to talk about Christmas at the start of November. But the thought of Christmas is the only thing that is going to get me through this horrifying winter to come, and if my flight to San Francisco (my beloved city) is cancelled due to the snow, those clouds are going to have to deal with the wrath of Olivia!

I'm sorry this was rant post! Next week my October favourites post will be up and then on the 1st of November (so its acceptable) my Christmas post.

What are your winter hates and loves? Suggestions on up coming blogs?

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(which is goodbye in Portuguese, I also know good morning which is bon dia and I have no idea how I know that)

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