Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Well Hello...

ello ello ello,
*The voice of an stereotypical English policeman, swinging a baton around*

So I thought i'd tell what this blog is all about, basically I'm a teenager which comes with many stresses so I thought i'd like to share some teenage drama and stresses with you loveys, but of course it won't just be about that as I lead quite a boring life, so i'll add in beauty, fashion, make up, books, music thingy's that I have been enjoying, so it will be my promise to do monthly favorites every month with out fail! and every week I will update on what's been happening in my teenage life and bring up topics which I will share with you guys so we can discuss the worlds problems! Which would probably lead me to having an existential crisis just like every other week but at least I wouldn't be alone. 
On Friday I will formally or less formally introduce myself but its a guarantee that I will be telling you guys a lot weird crap because generally i'm just a extremely weird and crazy person.

(which is Goodbye in Danish, and if you say it with an accent it suspiciously sounds a lot like farewell)


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